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Professional credentials

Our elevators have to undergo strict quality control, has made a number of international quality control, which is not only our honor but also the pride of Asia, it is the best proof of our pursuit of perfection.

  • EME0T70(EN81-50UCMP
  • OR-D003-CE-變頻器
  • OR-D005-CE認證控制櫃
  • OR-D006-CE認證控制櫃
  • OR-D007-CE家用電梯400kg
  • OR-D008-CE-平台梯
  • OR-D001 CE-家庭電梯專利
  • OR-D002 CE-主機專利
  • OR-D003 CE-變頻器2專利
  • OR-D005 CE認證控制櫃
  • OR-D006 CE認證控制櫃
  • OR-D007-CE