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Sakura Home lift


※ Congratulation Sakura Elevator won the Taiwan Excellence Award ※
The Taiwan Excellence Award is held by Bureau of Foreign Trade and executed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council. The annual national award is for marketing Taiwan products. The result of the 2018 "26th Taiwan Excellence Award" selection has been released. The "G9 Pitless elevator"and"smart maintenance and surveillance system" from Sakura have won the award. This national award gives the manufacturers in Taiwan the highest recognition for their quality....
Sakura Elevator awarded for UL Certification of fire door and fire window frames
Sakura Elevator's fire door and fire window frames passed sever fire resistance test and obtained various certification.
So far, it has Japan's, Singapore's TDV and America's UL certification....
TAIWAN EXPO 2018 is held at the Jakarta Convention Center on March 29-31 in Indonesia.
Sakura elevators awarded Taiwan Excellence Awarded 2018, and have been invited to exhibit the rewarded products of the “Pitless elevator” and “Smart Maintenance and Monitoring System” at Jakarta Convention Center....

About Sakuralift

The elevator is a cherry international marketing, brand lift, market across Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and Africa, more than thirty countries, "Sakura Elevator Co., Ltd." As Taiwan is a manufacturing base, respectively, set up a branch (including Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China)...