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  • 2018/01/15
    Sakura Elevator awarded for UL Certification of fire door and fire window frames
    Sakura Elevator's fire door and fire window frames passed sever fire resistance test and obtained various certification.
    So far, it has Japan's, Singapore's TDV and America's UL certification.
  • 2017/10/16
    ※ Congratulation Sakura Elevator won the Taiwan Excellence Award ※
    The Taiwan Excellence Award is held by Bureau of Foreign Trade and executed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council. The annual national award is for marketing Taiwan products. The result of the 2018 "26th Taiwan Excellence Award" selection has been released. The "G9 Pitless elevator"and"smart maintenance and surveillance system" from Sakura have won the award. This national award gives the manufacturers in Taiwan the highest recognition for their quality.
  • 2017/09/13
    Sakura Elevator's innovative security technology patent : Fall Protection safety equipment
    Elevator has already become an important part of people's lives.
    Everyone shares the convenient it brings, but they thought little of a safe, comfortable, and the lowest accident rates elevator, which needs all sorts of professional technique talents.
    Sakura Elevator has researched many types of security devices to become safe shields of modern people.
  • 2017/09/13
    Sakura Elevator's innovative security technology patent : Anti-pinch device
    As the urbanized and aging population increase, elevators have become the most common and convenient transportation for apartment buildings.
    In the recent years, the demand of elevators has increased, and the elevator accidents are also raising. It has been a major challenge for elevator’s company to avoid and prevent accident.
    Owing to the elevator accidents of pinching have usually taken place, and Sakura Elevator developed "Anti-pinch device"and applied for a patent.
  • 2017/08/15
    Sakura Elevator is excited about meeting you at Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall from Sep 1st to 4th Sep.
    Sakura Elevator is excited about meeting you at Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall from Sep 1st to 4th Sep.
    Location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall, Booth Number: S4063
    Exhibition Date:10AM - 5PM, September 1 (Friday), 2017
    10AM - 6PM, September 2 - 3 (Saturday - Sunday), 2017
    10AM - 4PM, September 4 (Monday), 2017
    Contact us: 03-3139668
    We sincerely invite you to the exhibition; your visit is our greatest honor.
  • 2017/08/05
    Sakura Elevator participated Beer Festival in Hunan Changsha and set a booth
    July 29, 2017, Changsha Longhu held a summer feast - the third beer festival, Sakura Elevator participated this event and set up booth, to enhance the awareness and exposure rate of Sakura elevator brand through this activity.
  • 2017/07/13
    China Times reported that integrally formed transparent elevators of Sakura are loved by the Southeast Asian market.
    In particular, China Times reported that the largest number of Sakura elevators exported by the entire elevator in Taiwan had long been in the Southeast Asian countries for many years before the government promoted the new southward policy. Sakura elevators invest a lot of cost in research and development, and select the Southeast Asian countries in the elevator regulations and quality standards are the most stringent Singapore as a breakthrough, to the global market to launch a safe and design quality of the elevator.
  • 2017/06/28
    Sakura Indonesia Building Exhibition 2017 in Jakarta has successfully ended.
    Sakura Indonesia Building Exhibition from May 18 to 21st , 2017, in Jakarta has successfully ended, the local well-known manufacturers were there to visit our exhibition,
    including Jakarta MRT, construction company from Japan, a number of new products received high comments.
  • 2017/05/12
    Business Daily reported that, Sakura elevators and International synchronously promote the importance of UCMP system in Taichung Building Materials Ex
    Sakura elevators strongly recommend customers to install UCMP. Also, Sakura elevators display the material exhibitions and simulate the operational principles and functions of UCMP that customers can actually experience the unexpected risk of elevator and promote the importance of elevator safety.
  • 2017/05/04
    Sakura elevator care about the elderly
    Sakura elevators in Taichung building materials exhibition on 21 April, in response to "old age" has become the future trend of the mainstream population, and how to establish a coordinated relationship between social aging and technology? How will the elevator design connect these two?
    In order to assist the elders to go up and down stairs at home, Sakura Elevators cooperate with the Japanese technic - G9 elevator needs the smallest space, but it can create the largest proportion of the car " pit less elevator" to meet the needs of senior elders,
    Meanwhile, Sakura elevators shows the noble OBH circular landscape ladder. Besides, it also shows the UCMP (Unintended Car Movement Protection) anti-collision system. The most important value of the patent invention and development of Sakura elevators is the "automatic notification" – GSM system, that is, when the elevator failure or there are passengers locked inside, you do not have to call the elevator company yourself, instead, the elevator will automatically report the situation through the SMS system.
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