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Company overview

Company Overview

Sakura Elevator Co., Ltd. is invested by Japan & Taiwan, the main production base is located in Taiwan, RD & Production team is from Japan & Taiwan, concentrating on product development & high-quality production processes. With rigorous, professional, responsible and attentive attitudes, reflecting the soul of Japanese craftsmen and fulfilling the needs from global customers.


We pay the greatest attention in elevator safety & comfortability, seeking artistic designs of different styles, we use equipment of the highest standard from Japan AMADA, integrating automated production and quality control, building the boutique elevators, with a serious, professional and persistent spirit.


Each Sakura Elevator completes strict quality control evaluation, earning various international certificates & Patents, European CE certificates, American UL certificates,

Singapore TÜV Rheinland certificates for BS standard, Malaysia JKKP certificates, Germany TÜV Rheinland certificates for ECO, Hong Kong EMSD certificates, Japan Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certificates, ISO certificates, Saudi Arabia SASO certificates, Taiwan Excellence Award & Multi Patents.


Sakura Elevator has developed many unique elevators, with expertise and rich experience according to market demands, making elevators not only a transport device, but also an architectural art piece.


Sakura Elevator has earned world renowned recognition, markets are covering over 50 countries among Northeast & Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, Latin & South America & Africa. Branches serve various countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Guam & Dubai etc.


Facing the ever-changing demands from markets, we still possess comprehensive advantages, continuing to provide safe and comfortable riding experiences for customers, looking forward to the future, creating a new horizon for elevators, making Sakura elevator the worldwide Sakura.