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  • What is meant by personal residential elevators?

    According to the provisions of CNS14328 individual residential lifts: vertical lift using the following five low-rise buildings within the individual homes, not for public use. Carriage base area should 1.1m2 or less; three parts, the load does not exceed 200kg; rated speed corresponding to 20m / min or less; elevating stroke should be 15m or less.

  • Why lift factory required maintenance?

    1. Only the manufacturer can provide the most suitable products for their original parts, his factory employed more parts without the original certification, quality and safety be disastrous.

    2. Original design and performance of their products visibility, especially as with the choice between safety components, are considered by the professional assessment, to better ensure the safety of users.

    3. Original more attention to lift quality, brand image and social responsibility of representing his factory, will make more efforts to improve quality assurance.

  • I ask what is no room elevators?

    Roomless elevator system using sophisticated dedicated hosting, is a modern, humane, technology and new design, no need to set the room (machine room), no longer makes unexpected appearance of the building, will host the elevator, mechanical and electrical control equipment, clever was designed in the lift channel, the space in the building design, it can get rid of the shackles of traditional room.
    Not only save space can be effectively utilized, but also take into account the visual aesthetics, to make the building more flexible space design, greatly reduce the cost of civil engineering, and is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PM motor gearless machine), mechanical performance up to 95 %, high efficiency operation, the power consumption is only half of the traditional motor of a third hydraulic elevator, better energy savings of 30%, applicable to all kinds of buildings such as: railway stations, hospitals, collective housing, office buildings , home villas, Tou Tiancuo, store and so on.

  • Installation of a home elevator What are the benefits?

    Sakura elevator provide customers the most intimate, the most safe and practical home elevators to modern, humane, science and technology, economy of the regulations of the design, the lift short time into a pleasure. With home elevators, interior space configuration also has a variety of choices, but also allows you to home in the elderly, pregnant women, children, or those with reduced mobility, provide a convenient, barrier-free living space and reduce accidents stairs.
    Elderly parents room may be located in a well-ventilated, adequate lighting floor above, we do not need to put up a small space living 1F garage next to the family of human interaction, but also because of the convenience of home elevators and more active, but also enhance the quality of your home quality of life.

  • Elevator needs to do periodic maintenance it?

    The elevator is part of vertical transportation systems, transportation of passengers and cargo every day. According to the National Building Code: Building lifting equipment management Article 15: lifting equipment manager should be entrusted to a specialist firm responsible for maintenance, maintaining normal performance. Article 17 of the professional firms engaged in lift maintenance, professional and technical personnel should be assigned to whom.
    Article 19: For the normal maintenance of lifting equipment shall be in accordance with professional and technical personnel operating procedures for the implementation of the general maintenance of the monthly table and made a duplicate record, and should be filling their signature and license number, and by the administrator armed with a specialist to prepare the competent authorities or inspection agencies traced.

  • Will Lift life is how long? Updated cost and how?

    Under normal circumstances, the elevator service life of at least 15 years. Internationally elevator design life of at least 20 years, but only normal maintenance, proper use, not through good maintenance elevator useful life not exceeding 10 years, no maintenance or professional elevator maintenance in two or three years unbearable to use.

    The elevator is at stake overall household equipment public safety, can not be without the useful life. As for the update costs, depending on the need at the time to update the scope to make an offer. General: Elevator ropes at least 5 to 7 years service life; electrical control system also has about 10 years of life; others such as mechanical components are at least 15 to 20 years of life. So long as there is usually done professionally maintained; updated cost is relatively much lower.