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Why lift needs maintenance?
The elevator is required to keep the state safe and comfortable vertical transportation Precision machinery elevators and escalators and other electronic-based combination of electrical and mechanical science and technology from a variety of regular maintenance in order to maintain the equipment in long-lasting as new and sophisticated functions. As the vertical transport in the building, many times a day carrying passengers to and from different floors, for public safety, the elevator in the best condition it can be said is essential.
Why lift factory required maintenance?

► Only the manufacturer can provide the most suitable products for their original parts, his factory employed more parts without the original certification, quality and safety be disastrous.

► Original design and performance of their products visibility, especially as with the choice between safety components, are considered by the professional assessment, to better ensure the safety of users.

► Original more attention to lift quality, brand image and social responsibility of representing his factory, will make more efforts to improve quality assurance.

Original Parts ensures more safety
The company provides spare parts in the province, sufficient for many years the production of various types of elevators and escalators. Precision due to the construction elevator / escalator complex, each label design are not the same way, there are only original parts mining maintenance, periodic replacement of the parts according to product life, in order to ensure the overall performance and the use of safety equipment. He misused plant care products with or without secondary factory certified replacement parts will result in failure without warning and make original equipment damage, endangering the safety of passengers.