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Success in RUSSIA, Using Sakura Epidemic Products in RUSSIAN Train station!
A station is called “Krekshino Station”, in MOSCOW. It was upgrading while COVID-19 was attacking the world. With deep concerns on public health issue, the station takes Sakura products to avoid contact infection....
The largest Epidemic Battle is here
Inside the narrow hermetic space, there is a very big risk of infection never less than inside airplanes & cruise.  Moreover, airplanes & cruise can park and stop service but elevators are hardly to stop even in a second.  It is because elevator is part of our live.  Therefore, the war of Elevator's Epidemic Prevention just started....

About Sakuralift

Sakura Elevator is famous international brand in Elevators. Markets cover Japan, South-East Asia, Middle East, North America, Africa … over 30 countries. With string abilities of R&D and manufacturing, obtains Taiwan Excellence Awards 2018, 2019, 2020 &2021 etc. Sakura Elevator is the only 1 obtains Taiwan Excellence Award over 4 years continuously.