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Success in RUSSIA, Using Sakura Epidemic Products in RUSSIAN Train station!

RUSSIA is member of BRICS (major developing country), Also RUSSIA is the largest country in the world, by area. RUSSIA has rich of Timber, Crude oil, natural gas & minerals. With environment issue, the transportation is limited without enough road works. Therefore, Railways are major transportation there. In recent, RUSSIA has large projects to update the train system with updating train stations.

A station is called “Krekshino Station”, in MOSCOW. It was upgrading while COVID-19 was attacking the world. With deep concerns on public health issue, the station takes Sakura products to avoid contact infection. It is a gesture recognition device that accepting comments by lifting up/down your hand without contacting the buttons. Then elevator will bring you to destination floor. No contact and no infection then! It provides a clean & comfortable area in the men-flowing space.


Sakura Epidemic Prevention devices were published May 2020 and obtained Praise and Affirmation from overseas & Taiwan locally. Now, Sakura joins in the Epidemic Prevention section around the world. Getting into hospitals in Philippine, RUSSIAN train stations, Business buildings in Tokyo Japan, Singapore & Indonesia etc. We will pass through the hard time together with the world during the epidemic.