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  • I ask what is no room elevators?

    Roomless elevator system using sophisticated dedicated hosting, is a modern, humane, technology and new design, no need to set the room (machine room), no longer makes unexpected appearance of the building, will host the elevator, mechanical and electrical control equipment, clever was designed in the lift channel, the space in the building design, it can get rid of the shackles of traditional room.
    Not only save space can be effectively utilized, but also take into account the visual aesthetics, to make the building more flexible space design, greatly reduce the cost of civil engineering, and is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PM motor gearless machine), mechanical performance up to 95 %, high efficiency operation, the power consumption is only half of the traditional motor of a third hydraulic elevator, better energy savings of 30%, applicable to all kinds of buildings such as: railway stations, hospitals, collective housing, office buildings , home villas, Tou Tiancuo, store and so on.