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Sakura elevator care about the elderly

Sakura elevators in Taichung building materials exhibition on 21 April, in response to "old age" has become the future trend of the mainstream population, and how to establish a coordinated relationship between social aging and technology? How will the elevator design connect these two?

In order to assist the elders to go up and down stairs at home, Sakura Elevators cooperate with the Japanese technic - G9 elevator needs the smallest space, but it can create the largest proportion of the car " pit less elevator" to meet the needs of senior elders,

Meanwhile, Sakura elevators shows the noble OBH circular landscape ladder. Besides, it also shows the UCMP (Unintended Car Movement Protection) anti-collision system. The most important value of the patent invention and development of Sakura elevators is the "automatic notification" – GSM system, that is, when the elevator failure or there are passengers locked inside, you do not have to call the elevator company yourself, instead, the elevator will automatically report the situation through the SMS system.