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Sakura Elevator's innovative security technology patent : Anti-pinch device

As the urbanized and aging population increase, elevators have become the most common and convenient 
transportation for apartment buildings.
In the recent years, the demand of elevators has increased, and the elevator accidents are also raising. 
It has been a major challenge for elevator’s company to avoid and prevent accident.
Owing to the elevator accidents of pinching have usually taken place, and Sakura Elevator developed 
"Anti-pinch device"and applied for a patent.

To prevent elevator pinches passengers or objects, Sakura Elevator set the anti-pinch sensor between 
the cab door and landing door, when the sensor sense an obstacle such as passenger's body, the door 
will stop the closing process then turn on the door for prevention.
Thereby, the sensor can be set above the cab or landing door. For example, the passenger brings the 
pet with rope, and accidently the rope was pinched by the doors, when the elevator is moving, the rope 
will act the sensor to stop the elevator and sound the alarm, also send the message to the guardroom 
and security service, then inform the related people to rescue.
Sakura Elevator is acknowledged as excellent quality manufacturer, and their technology also wins 
construction companies favor in the market. Moreover, they have become one of the most safety elevator 
companies in the market.